How it works

Companies are always looking for ways to improve their brands, products and services and the best way of achieving this is by speaking to you, the consumer. Our role is to connect you with these companies and brands so that they can hear your views, first-hand.

Why take part?

Well, when you take part in a research project you play an influential role in the development of certain products, services and brands. During the recruitment process you may well have been selected from hundred of participants, so you are in a pretty privileged position. Qualitative research looks at small samples of people, as opposed to quantitative research, which is all about the number of people involved.

During the screening process we will ask you specific questions.

What's in it for me?

Not only will you get to have your say on important matters, but you will also be financially rewarded for your time. Typically you can expect to be paid anything from £10 for completing an online questionnaire or even £40-£150 for a two-hour discussion. Obviously, the more specialized the subject, the higher the incentive.

One thing to bear in mind is that you can only take part in a project once every six months and no more. Being a participant shouldn’t be seen as a way to make regular, additional income. Why is this the case? Well researchers and their sponsoring clients want to make sure that they are speaking to ‘fresh’ people all the time to ensure they get the most well rounded and honest responses to certain ideas.

I’m not sure it’s for me

The idea of going along to a group discussion can be a little intimidating. But we are positive that you will enjoy it. All discussions are led by a skilled moderator who is well trained in how to manage conversations, making sure everyone gets their say, and putting everyone at ease, no matter how tricky the subject matter. Plus you will be fed and watered by whoever is hosting the event!

I’m in! So what happens now?

All you need to do is fill in our online questionnaire. This covers all the basic information about you, your address, age, occupation etc. It can be completed pretty quickly.

The data from this questionnaire is safely stored away; we have a strict privacy policy to protect your personal information. Podengo is also a registered Data Controller under the 1998 Data Protection Act, number Z3032923.

When a relevant project arrives, we will email you and you can call/email to let us know if you are interested. After that, we will call you to take you through some additional questions to ensure that you can make the research and you are the right fit for the recruitment criteria. We will only call at a time convenient for you and we will ensure that the call time is kept to a minimum.

After you have been selected for the research, you will be sent a follow-up email with details on when and where the research will take place. All you need to do is attend, get your thoughts across, enjoy the refreshments on offer, and get paid. Afterwards, we would appreciate your feedback, but that isn’t compulsory, it’s just useful for our clients and ourselves.

A little more on privacy...

Here are some assurances from us: