Helping; it’s one of our favorite things to do at Podengo Market Research. We love helping brands to get the most out of their businesses so that consumers can too. So, how can market research help you? Well, there are lots of ways depending on where you’re at.

Are you at the beginning of your start-up business venture? We can help you to identify your audience so you can make sure that they like what you have to offer. Or perhaps your business isn’t new but just in need of some TLC. We can help you assess what’s been working and where there’s room for improvement. Looking to ‘rekindle the flame’ with your target market? We can help you reconnect with them so you can make sure they are happy with the service you are providing. We can assist your indie business with new product development. Or maybe you don’t have a business at all, but you do love to have your say on things. Well, then we’ve got just the thing for you.

Through various means of marketing, communication and research, we can help you. It’s a fun process for everyone involved, which is why we have so many returning clients. Whether it’s taste-testing the latest chocolate bars or discussing how easy-to-use a new social media app is; there is so much to be said. You’d be amazed at what comes up. It offers your consumers the chance to have a positive impact on something they use, and you can rest assured that the product you’re making is what they want. The insight gained is invaluable. Once you’ve tried and tested your product, you’ll be getting ready to launch. We can help you with that part too. By identifying up-and-coming trends, we can help you launch your product right on time.

Remote working? We’re way ahead of you there. We work with clients from all over the UK, which means we can offer paid market research projects to participants from all over the UK too. Like so many businesses today, we’ve had to adapt and create remote working options for our clients and participants. Whilst our Podengo team members were already working remotely pre-pandemic, the last year has seen a big online shift for a lot of businesses. For us that means we’ve been able to offer online market research projects, extending our reach even further.

How much does market research cost? Our prices are tailored to each project, so it really depends on the details. Give us a call, inquiries are free and you’ll have the added bonus of speaking to one of our lovely Podengo team members. When launching or rebranding a business, mistakes are costly. The money spent gaining insight from your consumers is time and money saved in the long run. So save yourself the hindsight and plan ahead. Most businesses are sparked by a passion and that’s great. Though, it’s important to make sure that whoever you’re trying to sell your product to shares the love for whatever it is you’re trying to sell them. It won’t be for everyone but it will definitely be for someone. We can help you with that.

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