Ladies and the Trump.

Ladies and the Trump.

After a small visit by a big ego, we wanted to know what the general public thought about good ol’ Donald.

He has managed to offend two world leaders, the populations of England and the US, the combined representatives of NATO and one eager Scotsman in a Paraglider. I’m sure Trump was very impressed by the enforcement of a no-fly zone over his golf course.

So, President Trump met with Prime Minister May for a nice chat at her country residence on how he thinks she has done a bad job at this governing of the country thing, and haven’t sued enough people, so we should make up for that by suing the 504 million residents of the European Union. But don’t worry, it was only a suggestion. When we asked members of the public about whether he should get involved in UK politics, 87% said No. After hearing this, Donald did one of his 360o and said it wasn’t the EU we should sue, but actually ourselves.

Next, he visited Windsor to meet the Queen. Not much seemed to happen here, obviously, the Queen is very used to US presidents, having already met 12 previously. She must know by now how to mitigate Prince Phillip’s sense of humour, or maybe, along with 22% of people we ask, she thought he is a good leader or the 9% who said he’d be a great President.

We concluded an eventful State working visit by the man with the biggest red button (still not as scary as The Man with the Golden Gun) by watching him play some golf at one of his two Scottish resorts. This is where we saw how the police budget was spent, putting a no-fly zone in place, not being able to police it, and then somehow not being able to catch a man in a paraglider with a large sign trailing behind him, telling you where he was. I’m sure the Secret Service didn’t do anything because they were too busy admiring the President’s drive on the Par 5. 

Written by Stephen Douthwaite