5 Recipes You Must Try this World Nutella Day

5 Recipes You Must Try this World Nutella Day

Calling all Nutella-addicts! If you’re the type of person who can’t go a day without chocolate and thinks that everything is better with Nutella, you’re in luck. This Tuesday is World Nutella Day, an entire day devoted to celebrating the delicious hazelnut spread. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up the most mouth-watering Nutella recipes out there, and as the big day approaches, there’s no excuse not to try them all!

1) Nutella-filled pies, great for something a little bit different (or a fancy breakfast!)

These Nutella-filled pies prove that it doesn’t have to be all about chocolate. If you love Nutella, but don’t want a cocoa overload, these pies are the perfect thing to make.

2) 3 ingredient Nutella brownies! Perfect for those who like things simple…

Baking is hard. It’s so hard that they’ve managed to make a whole tv phenomenon about people trying to do it well. But you don’t need to worry about that with these Nutella brownies, made with only 3 ingredients. So simple, even the most novice baker can pull them off. What are you waiting for?

3) Nutella-stuffed, melt in the mouth cookies…

The logic is simple, stuff anything with Nutella and it immediately gets 10x better. We’re drooling over the idea of these Nutella stuffed cookies, just make sure you have a glass of milk on-hand.

4) Peanut butter and Nutella frosting, which you can add to any bake!

Nutella is great, peanut butter is great. Now imagine the two together, in one creamy dollop of icing that you can apply to any of your own cakes or muffins… The possibilities are endless.

5) Molten Nutella lava cake that will definitely impress your chocolate obsessed friends

If you’re not doing this one for the taste, do it for the moment you dip into this delicious desert to see thick chocolate oozing out of it… Just think of the boomerang opportunity!

Is anybody else suddenly feeling hungry? How many will you be trying this week? Tag a Nutella lover, and let us know in the comments. 

Written by Ellen Barr @ellen_barrmedia