The 5 Best TV Couples of All Time

The 5 Best TV Couples of All Time

This week, there’s romance in the air. Everybody is gearing up for Valentine’s Day, and whether you’re all loved-up, or single and loving it, there’s no excuse not to get on board. We know that relationships can be hard, and in real life it isn’t all rose petals on the bed and random acts of thoughtfulness, it’s often hard work. We’ve been thinking about all of the couples from our favourite shows that do a great job at convincing us that romance is real, and that in the end, it’s worth the effort. Here are our favourites…

1) Jake and Amy, Brooklyn 99

Jake and Amy weren’t part of a cringe-worthy whirlwind romance, instead their relationship was born from a real and genuine friendship, and it only got better from there. Brooklyn 99 gave us a relationship we genuinely cared about, while making sure that Jake and Amy were just as fun, entertaining and involved in more storylines than just their relationship as they always had been. 

2) Monica and Chandler, Friends

Let’s be honest, you were expecting Ross and Rachel to be on this list, weren’t you? If we’re getting real for a moment, Ross and Rachel had nothing on this duo. They were a terrible pairing, and Rachel even sacrificed her dream job in Paris to come home to be with Ross, even though their relationship never worked out in the first place! Monica and Chandler, on the other hand, were perfect from the get-go, and Chandler was completely supportive of Monica staying in New York for an amazing job opportunity, even if it meant that they had to spend time apart while he was in Tulsa. Monica and Chandler are the real goals this Valentine’s Day.

3) Jim and Pam, The Office

We couldn’t complete this list without Jim and Pam. As well as being TV couple royalty, Jim and Pam are the epitome of the office romance, and we don’t believe anybody who says that they don’t dream of meeting their very own Jim Halpert at work, just without the misguided engagement to Roy beforehand.  Jim and Pam are realistic goals, and their journey wasn’t without struggle, making it even more authentic, and we just can’t get enough.

4) Mitchell and Cameron, Modern Family

As well as being TV gold, Modern Family’s Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker are one of the most realistic, adorable couples out there. Why? Because they never fail to support each other, despite coming from completely different backgrounds, and seeming like polar opposites to each other. The ultimate “Modern Family” Mitch and Cam are also doing a great job of raising their daughter as a gay couple, and we love them all the more for it.

5) Frank and Amy, Black Mirror (Hang the DJ)

In today’s modern world of dating apps and quick hook-ups, it’s easy to lose sight of the romance, but Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker has managed to make swiping right every bit as lovely as “The Notebook”. Frank and Amy have to fight as hard as they can for their relationship, and the result could be the difference between a positive match on a dating app, and never seeing each other again. If you haven’t seen Hang the DJ yet, this Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity.

So there you have it, our 5 favourite TV couples. Are we missing anybody? Let us know what you think in the comments this Valentine’s Day.

Written by Ellen Barr @ellen_barrmedia