Be who you needed when you were younger...

Be who you needed when you were younger...

I recently met a lovely guy called, Jacob, working at our local restaurant. He mentioned that he was off to uni, in Bordeaux to study graphic design. In response, I mentioned that two good friends were coming over, who were in design and advertising. And that he should speak to them.

Cue a few a weeks later, and we were all at the same restaurant. And whilst I slipped off to tame my kids, my friend Sian, got chatting to Jacob. Sian shared her experiences in advertising, and her partner Vinny, shared his love of design. At the end they swapped email addresses, and promised to send Jacob some ‘dummy’ briefs to get stuck into.

Later that day, I was chatting to Sian, and said how lovely it was that they just jumped straight into help. But not in a fluffy way, in a true, actionable way.

And Sian simply said: ‘It’s so f*cking easy to help though, isn’t it?’

And it is.

When you get to certain stage in your career. Reach a certain age. You realise how easy it really is, to give someone a bit younger a leg up.

It could simply be an introduction. Helpful insight into an industry. A bit of advice about where to find the people who want to work with.

It doesn’t take much. And nowadays, we have more tools to reach people.

If you know someone who is just starting out on their career, give them a leg up. It is f*cking easy to do. It’ll probably take 5 minutes of your time.

And who knows, years down the line, that person may be able to help you. But regardless, they’ll remember you as someone who helped them.

And that is a lovely feeling.

In these disjointed, divided, dismal times. Where our governments are letting us down, it’s important to stick together. To help each other out.

The picture is taken from @bradmontague talk. If you don’t already, give Brad a follow, he is a #joyrebel and #creator of brilliant writing and doodles. And a believer in hope. Thanks to Sian and Vinny.