My darling boy...

My darling boy...

Goodbye, my darling boy.

We found each other at DBARC rescue center. You originally came from Ireland. Where some evil person had treated you badly. So badly, that you had a scar on your neck from a tether. You had been rehomed, then been returned to the rescue by a family who couldn’t cope with your ‘idiosyncrasies’. Which included barking at everything that moved and trying to eat tires, on anything that had them.

Which, as we found out, included hoovers,  wheelbarrows, moving bicycles, cement mixers (full and turned on) as well as motorbikes. However, badly any of those incidents played out. You almost killed yourself (and me) trying to eat the motorbike, and you got run over by the pushbike, you never gave up.

And that was your defining characteristic: determination.

You were determined to bark at everyone that ever entered or exited our house. No matter the time of day, or how well you knew someone. They would always get barked at.

Determined to overcome any illness or injury. In the time we had you, you were run over by a car, a bike, went missing for far too long in the woods (8 long hours) you even broke your neck (thankfully fixed by the Supervet himself) and in your final years, battled Cushings disease, which left you blind and ravaged. But you still kept on going.

You were determined to act as lookout for us, every day you were with us. Sitting on the bay window. Barking at anyone that came near our home. You didn’t discriminate. Everyone got ‘what for’, including women with prams!

You were determined to party. You would often be the ‘last man standing’ at a house party. Up until the early hours, asking people to play with a ball or toy. Nudging the toy, with your nose, at anyone that would play.

And you were determined to love us. When we won your trust, which took time after your bad start, you would reward every single cuddle or stroke, with a reciprocal lick. It was your way of speaking to us, to let us know you loved us.  

I loved you so much, you were the main reason for starting my business. Because I wanted to be at home with you and Mia more often. To work at home and be there for you.

And I know you appreciated it. I got to spend time so much more time with you. And when you were poorly, I was there.
Walking in the woods with you, every day, was a joy. Taking time out to spend with you, was the best de-stress.

You taught me so much my love. To live in the moment and to keep things simple.

You taught us how to be a family. And you accepted every new addition into our home.

We’ve been together for 15 years. You’ve been there for so many of our ‘firsts’ and you’ve comforted me whenever times have been tough. I’ll miss your little nose nudges, checking if I’m ok.

I long to cuddle you now. My first baby. But you’re gone. And it’s painful. I know grief, and this is fierce.

But, I would do it all again in a heartbeat though. Every single moment.

If you have a dog in your life, please give them a hug for me and Jacko.

And hold onto the small moments. Because, when they leave, you realise they are the big moments.

Love you always my darling Jacko x