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What our participants are saying…

I just wanted to say thank you for my first research with you. As a mum of two with her own small business, I often undertake freelance ad-hoc jobs. I was intrigued by the research aspect of your company (Unlike the abundance of online surveys questionnaires offering a few pence) I registered via a link on Facebook and within days I had applied for my first project. I was given a 'pre-task' which my daughters loved as it was one that was creative and perfect for my 'shoe obsessed' two year old. The communication from yourself was excellent, keeping me informed the whole way. It was nice to be paid on the day with no 'hanging around' for a BACS payment. The actual assignment was very enjoyable and fun. It felt like our comments were really making a difference to the brand in question. The location venue was easy to get to, and a nice environment with refreshments provided. I cant wait to embark on my next project. I would highly recommend Podengo for all the above reasons. Thank you once again. Lisa The Baby Kitchen.

— Anonymous took part in Lovely project for Mums in Manchester & Richmond

I really enjoyed my last market research interview organised through Podengo. The sign up process, an online questionnaire, took about 10 minutes to complete and was pretty simple with well organised, easily understood questions. 

I was then contacted by phone to establish further my suitability, again simple questions were asked. After, a time was arranged for the actual interview and Podengo was very flexible at accommodating my late time schedule as I am self-employed and don't finish work until quite late in the evening. 

On the day I was really looking forward to the interview as they have always been very interesting in the past. It's great because you get to try and talk about exciting new products and get paid for it! My interviewer was very professional but also friendly and easy to talk to. He turned up on time and the interview finished when it was supposed to although I could have gone on talking for a lot longer as the subject was so interesting and relevant to me! It was a fascinating experience where I learnt something new, got to be part of the early stages of a new product and got paid to do something that I enjoyed. 

Podengo makes the experience easy from start to finish, communicating with you by phone and email giving all the details necessary to allow everything to run smoothly. I would highly recommend them and will look forward to more market research with them in the future.

— Valerie took part in Project Adventure

A big thank you to yourself and Gemma. Throughout the whole process you were helpful, well organised and most of all super friendly!

The session was really lovely and Clare really looked after us whilst making sure our opinions were heard!

Thank you x

— Anonymous took part in A beautiful project for the ladies of London

I thought I would just drop you a quick email on my return from my research group. Firstly I would like to extend my thanks to you for the easy nature you have organised my participation. These days its seem all to easy to complain, and praise often goes unnoticed when something is done very well. I would if possible like to pass my thanks to your client, who made everyone in the group feel comfortable, at ease and were approachable throughout. Having never done any market research before, I was unsure of what to expect, but really enjoyed my time and experience discussing products and a hobby I really enjoy(cycling).The staff, venue and catering were first class and every effort was made to get our true and honest feelings about the products on display in a constructive way.

— Anonymous took part in Cyclists of London

Glad your client were happy- I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The fact you matched me up to a product that I felt confident to talk about showed how good you are at matching the interviewee with the client's needs. Did help it was about wine this time  -one of my favourite products :-) I also found it to be informative for me as well! Discovered a couple of very interesting 'new to me' wines which I will now buy!

Will recommend you to my family and friends and look forward to doing more in the near future. It's great to be paid for your opinion and have fun too!

Hi to Gemma! Thanks again for the opportunity.

— Christianna took part in Manchester: Project Captivate

I have just recently taken part in some research with this excellent company.

First and foremost the facilitator was very friendly, bright and attentive, secondly I met some pretty amazing, inspiring people in the research itself and thirdly I have to mention the sandwiches, coffee and crisps provided which were delicious and second to none. Perfecto.

Good luck to you and your awesome company.

— Anonymous took part in Runners of Richmond we want you!

I have signed up to Podengo and written a testimonial.

I've really enjoyed the experience and hope you all enjoy your work as much as you sound like you do.

— Anonymous took part in Project Garden

— took part in

What our clients are saying…

The feedback from yesterday was that the groups were really good! Full turnout, all on point and very articulate. A really tricky recruit, so an absolute triumph. So absolutely perfect!

Thank you so much! You are great!

— We ran Sports Specialist project for Anonymous .

I've just had the pleasure of my first groups recruited by Podengo, and honestly Gemma, they were totally fantastic. So much so that I'm emailing you at 11.20pm to tell you. I hope you're not still up.

They were all articulate, intelligent, had done their homework fully and in an engaged manner, and the whole thing was an absolute pleasure to run from start to finish, despite the fact that I have a hideous cold and am still jet lagged from my trip.

Thank you x

— We ran Beauty project (Manchester) for Anonymous .

Thank you so much for all your hard work and pulling a tricky project off under such short timelines. You were, at all times:

- Friendly, helpful
- Solution facing 
- Pro-active

You're all fab but on this project Fran was outstanding!

— We ran UK WIDE for Project: List recruit for a telecommunications company .

— We ran for .

The recruitment provided by Podengo was great - fast, responsive and on brief. I'd say Podengo is comparable to the best experiences I've had with other agencies, fast, communicative, responsive and great attitude.

Fran was extremely helpful on this project - she even managed to track down a respondent for that very afternoon!

— We ran Central London for Project: Finding South Americans for a beauty project .

Thank you for delivering such a brilliantly recruited project. From start to finish the recruitment process went really well. We were fully informed and felt confident on leaving the recruitment in Podengo's capable hands. It was not easy recruitment, plus there was the added difficulty of postponing the groups at the last minute but all went so well. Fantastic consumers - all on spec. Moderators and clients were very happy.

Professional but friendly attitude - felt like we were you're only client! The main thing, however was that you did the job we asked. The recruitment was on spec and the respondents were great.

— We ran Slough for Project: Finding pregnant and first time mums .

I just wanted to say an enormous thank you to you and the girls for their help last night and the recruitment. I cannot tell you how utterly professional, attentive and enthusiastic you all were and you made such a difference to the night. The client has said they were really, really pleased and I'm sure you saw how engaged and positive they were. AND the lead client specifically commented on the quality of the respondents..clever, varied and spot on

Absolutely fantastic...thank you :-)

— We ran TV Premiere for London Based Research Agency .

Thank you so much for all your help on this project, I realise it was all a bit rushed with some quite demanding criteria but I have been really impressed with how you have managed the project and with the quality of the participants that have come along. It has been a real pleasure to work with such a professional agency and has taken a lot of strain off what was quite a complex project. This was my first time working with these clients and first time working with Podengo so it’s been fantastic that everything has gone so smoothly. I will definitely look forward to working with you again in future.

— We ran Trend for New London Agency .