We are always looking for people who are interested in giving their views on products via paid market research techniques such as online focus groups. Podengo offers paid market research for consumers opinions and views on products and services.


Join Podengo today and you can earn between £30-£350 (sometimes much more) by taking part in a couple of hours market research which is creative and fun! Your personal information is safe with us and we do not sell your details onto third parties.

Our Latest News

Top tips for running a successful family business

As market research hounds, we have connected with many small businesses over the years, and given that 88% of UK businesses are family-run according to IFB, we thought what better place to start then there.

How to maximise experience and minimise waste this Christmas

Christmas is the time of year we all come together, eat until we’re ready to pop, drink copious amounts of […]

Think research is difficult now? Think again.

On Monday evening, we launched a video project, asking for people to do a COVID-19 video diary, within 1 hour, […]