Last week finally saw the launch of our Facebook group Eureka, and with it came the first Facebook business spotlight live. Our founder Gemma thought, what better way to kick off the lives than with Helen and Kam-mei from small biz ‘Get Video Confident’. Given that this was Gemma’s debut business spotlight live, it’s safe to say that she was in good hands.

Helping female founders battle those nerves.

Helen (mummy’s gin fund) and Kam-mei (the social introvert) began their journey, helping each other overcome their fears. Whilst Helen enjoyed being on camera; she found the tech side incredibly daunting. Whereas tech-whizz Kam-Mei, much preferred to be safely hidden off-screen. Utilizing their unique skill sets whilst reaching outside of their comfort zones gave birth to something new. And so was born Get Video Confident. Launched amidst the chaos of the pandemic, the demand for video tech knowledge and experience rocketed! 

What is normal anyway?

Noticing a sheer lack of regular, unfiltered people on social media, Helen and Kam-Mei, saw the importance of showing their faces on camera to encourage others to do the same. Now the get video confident ladies empower many women and small business owners to show up and use video technology confidently. Normalising imperfections, and enabling you to be your true authentic self on camera.  

“As women, we have been conditioned into feeling not good enough, when it comes to how we look. So obviously, that’s such a big part of showing up on video. And part of why we love doing this is to see women like ourselves, realize that actually, it’s okay to show up just as yourself. Not to have to pretend to be someone else not to have to pretend to be somebody that you are not. And in doing that, we are showing everyone else around us, our daughters, other women, that it is okay to do that.” – Kam-Mei

Are you camera shy?

Or, like Helen, scared of the technology needed to become more visible? Here are a couple of their tips to help get you started: Just do it. Yes, this is easier said than done, but the first one will always be the scariest until you’ve done it. And then you’ll wonder what all the fuss was. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes make us human and believe it or not, humans like humans, so if anything, the imperfection makes you more relatable. 

“There is a delete button and you are allowed to use it… So if it goes horribly wrong. Delete. Just hit delete and pretend it never happened. Then do it again.” – Helen

Helen and Kam-Mei have a reels master class running on 14th July, you can sign up for that here


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