market research

You’ve got the idea, you’ve put together a business plan and it all looks fantastic. Why? Because you remembered the key ingredient…Market research.

How you market yourself will largely determine the success of your business. In order to market yourself or your brand effectively, you must know your audience. One of the biggest mistakes start-up businesses make is assuming that they know who their target market is and what they want. Without actually talking to their customer. Communication is key, so if you don’t ask, how will you know that your idea is what your consumer wants? Just because you like the product does not necessarily mean everyone will. Rest assured, there will more than likely be a market for your product, you just need to locate them. And that’s where we come in.

At Podengo Market research, we help you to identify your target audience and then connect with them so that you know the product or service you are providing is on the money maker. We can help with evaluating what works and what doesn’t for your product or service before it’s launched.  Identifying up-and-coming trends will enable you to launch within the right time frames, saving time and money.

Qualitative research gives your target consumers the opportunity to try your product and tell you what they like about it. It might be that the fabric you have used for your t-shirts has a positive environmental impact, but when worn it isn’t durable or comfortable. Some might say that they love the taste of your smoothie but the color puts them off. All things you can trial and test through focus groups, research projects, and surveys; to make sure that there is a demand for what you are creating.

We have a lot of fun carefully curating our research projects with no two projects the same. It’s amazing to hear people’s opinions. We’re always given loads of food for thought and some of the most inspirational and innovative ideas are born whilst participants brainstorm in our focus groups. Are you a start-up business owner? We’d love to hear from you. For a chance to feature in our business spotlight blog email,

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