It’s LGBTQ history month, so we thought what better way to celebrate it than to write a blog, for all our readers at Podengo Market Research. According to Gay Times, a quantitative research study carried out by the LGBTQ charity Stonewall found that 60% of Brits believed that primary schools should teach LGBTQ+ inclusive lessons. This year marks the first year that all public schools in Scotland will be taught about the issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community.  Topics such as homophobia, same-sex marriage, transphobia, and the HIV and AIDS epidemic, will all be among those included in the new curriculum. A huge and important step for Scottish education, which will hopefully see other countries quickly follow suit.

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix titled ‘The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson’. Whilst I had heard of Marsha, I had little knowledge of the harrowing and inspiring life she had led, prior to her death. I instantly fell in love with her and her kind and caring nature. The documentary shows footage of her in drag at the Stonewall inn, which back then was the only place of its kind. A gay bar and recreational tavern, strictly men only, it was known to be run by the mafia who regularly paid off the police to allow the place to remain open. On 28th June 1969 police raided the Stonewall Inn which sparked the Stonewall Riots.

I found it refreshing and compelling to watch Marsha, so comfortable in her own skin; at a time when being black in a post-Jim Crow America would have had a fair share of problems, let alone being trans. She was generous and thoughtful and outwardly hated by many from the gay and lesbian community. Though other’s opinions didn’t stop Marsha or close friend and fellow drag queen, Slyvia Riviera from the daily hustle and fight for gay liberation.

A year after the riots took place, both Marsha and Sylvia took to the streets to march with gay activist groups for ‘Christopher Street Liberation Day’, in memory of the riots that had taken place the year before. A day that would later be recognized and celebrated as Gay Pride.

Today, anyone who has been to a pride festival has experienced the freedom and acceptance to let go and be one’s true self. It’s a fun, flamboyant celebration of liberation and love. If you haven’t seen the documentary on Netflix, I would highly recommend it.  Providing great insight into the history of gay and trans rights, ‘The death and life of Marsha P. Johnson’, highlights the unjust violence and discrimination their community has to endure on a daily basis.

We at Podengo Market Research are proud supporters of the gay rights movement and are looking forward to days when we can once again be together to enjoy the parades and support the freedom of love.

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