This week people all over the globe are celebrating national “Love Your Pet Day”, which falls on 20th February. We know that there is no bond quite as unique as the bond between a human and their furry friend, so in order to give this holiday the recognition it deserves, we’ve compiled some weird and wonderful facts about the UK’s favourite animal companions.

1: Dog’s noses are actually as unique as human fingerprints are. No two noses are the same.

2: Scientists believe that cats have formed a language especially communicate with us. Adult cats don’t meow at other cats, they communicate using body language and other sounds, but know that they cannot do the same with us, so they meow instead!

3: If you’re a “dog person”, you’ll be pleased to know that dogs are actually the most popular pets in the UK, but no need for “cat people” to fret, because felines aren’t far behind.

4: Many people think of fish as pets which don’t require a huge commitment, but the oldest goldfish on record died at the age of 43… So, before you buy, remember that “Goldie” might be with you a lot longer than you expect!

5: Around 44% of British households have pets, meaning that approximately 51 million pets are owned across the company… Just think of the vet bills!

6: Dogs do actually see in colour. It’s a common myth that dogs only see shades of grey, but this isn’t true. They see in colour, just not as vividly as humans do, and can’t distinguish between red and green.

7. Cats can jump approximately seven times their height, but if you thought this was impressive, a flea can jump a whopping 350 its body length… Not that you’d ever want it to.

8. In 2017, us Brits spent a total of 4.62 billion pounds on our pets! They say money can’t buy love, but 4.62 billion might just do it.

There you have it, 8 weird and wonderful facts about the nation’s favourite creatures. How many pets have you got at home? Tell us all about them in the comment section this National Love Your Pet Day… We can’t wait to hear!

Written by Ellen Barr @ellen_barrmedia

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