Being able to switch from face to face focus groups, to online focus groups, has been an easy move for us.

There are lots of benefits to running online groups


Range: you can speak with people from a broad range of locations. Often locations overlooked by face to face groups, which would most likely take place in London, Manchester, Birmingham. This means, for our participants that they get a chance to give their opinions.

Convenience: it’s easier to turn up online, rather than driving somewhere, and finding parking. Or arranging childcare, or scheduling around work. You can just log on, discuss and take part.

Time: In research and marketing this is ever important. Ideas need to be tested and explored quickly. Currently, our lead time for finding research participants has been reduced to days, rather than weeks. And this is possible due to research being online, as we can tap into a UK wide database, rather than being restricted by locality.

We’re also not limited to sourcing a venue, or finding times that are out of work hours. Researchers and participants are appreciative of the time saved by online groups too: no more commuting!

Cost: all of the above elements, mean that we can work quickly, flexibly and reducing cost.

But we have encountered instances where people have taken all of the above freedoms a little too far. It’s never cool to take part in an online focus group when you’re driving. At the pub. At the gym. Or walking the dog.
All instances we have experienced. And called to a close rapidly. It’s disrespectful to the researcher leading the discussion. As genuinely, we need your attention on the topic. And in the case of someone driving, that’s just dangerous, to you and people around you!

So should you be selected to take part in one of our projects, our advice is this.:

Set yourself a reminder so that you can make sure you’re ready in good time. Find a space that you’re comfortable in that’s relatively quiet and distraction-free. Grab a glass of water, so you can keep yourself hydrated throughout the session. Enjoy yourself! Want to sign up, so that you can be the first to know about our latest projects? Just click here.

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