In part two of our four-part Christmas special for Podengo, we look at Christmas gifts that give back. A significant selection of unique gift options where your purchase not only supports a small business but has a positive social impact too. From helping wildlife charities to supporting women through period poverty; read on for feel-good gift inspiration this Christmas.

The Little Black and White Book project

The Little Black & White Book Project brings to life animals from around the world in high contrast illustrations. For babies, toddlers and preschoolers to help support their visual development and early learning. On a mission to inspire the next generation of nature lovers from an early age, whilst giving back to the planet, 25% of profits are donated to a selection of wildlife charities. Browse their range of books, flashcards, prints and gifts on Instagram here.

The Wisdom Journal

Wild Wisdom Journal is a journal for women who wish to track their cyclical ways: through their menstrual cycle or in menopause. The journal, which is printed on carbon captured paper, helps you feel into your tendencies and check-in each day, under the lens of the lunar cycles and the seasons. For every journal sold, a donation is made to Period Power who are working to eradicate Period Poverty and a tree is planted through TreeSisters.

Pattie & Co

Founded by London-based mum, Pattie & co, uses colourful designs on good quality fabric to create beautiful and versatile muslins. Made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, free from pesticides and toxic chemicals. This means it’s the kindest choice for your baby’s skin, for our planet and for the people who farm the cotton. With 10% of all sales from their muslin blankets donated to Tommy’s, the baby charity.

The Conscious Party Box

The Conscious Party Box have a fantastic selection of plastic-free stocking filler options. Craft kits, wooden slide whistles, seed bombs and so much more! Give your child an earth-kind gift that will last, with 10% of profits going to Plastic Oceans UK.


Animalympics is a fantastical, nonsensical, epic poem spanning 17 days (the length of the Olympics), 55 verses, 47 sports and 62 animal species. Written by Children’s Author and mum of two, Josie Dom. Working with Olympian, Paralympian and World Champion athletes to use the story to raise funds for zoos in 2020, Josie went on to have the book published in 2021 with beautiful illustrations by Sarah Lou. Every year 15% of the profits raised from the book go to a children’s charity.

We hope this small and thoughtful selection of gifts that give back has inspired you. If you haven’t made a start on your Christmas shopping yet, hopefully, this will help you on your way. You can also check out our previous blog for sustainable Christmas ideas here.

Podengo are not affiliated in any way with the above businesses. Nor, do we receive any affiliated fees if you decide to book or use the services of the above businesses. We are simply providing a spotlight for fellow small businesses. If you would like us to feature your business in our blog, please contact

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