We at Podengo have always been advocates for remote working. Our team have successfully been working remotely for the past 4 yrs. It makes sense, as we’re a team of women, mostly mothers, who appreciate flexible working. It’s time well spent with family, to indulge in hobbies etc. So you can imagine our disdain to read in the headlines last week –

“Plans to work from home forever will drag UK back to the 1970’s” 

Though infuriating at first, it seemed somewhat laughable that a big name tabloid would have chosen to run with that as a headline. Managing to avoid the far more important topics that should have been addressed. Nevertheless, we thought it would be a great opportunity to speak to one of our friends and fellow remote working advocate;

Maya Middlemiss, founder of Healthy Happy Homeworking.


“Cities have always evolved and changed. Once they were places that heavy industry took place – but now the business environment is different, and a lot of those old mills and warehouses have been repurposed as high-end housing. 

“Business has always been subject to the changing demands of the market, and there will be new needs to fulfil. And new ways to add value, for creative entrepreneurs with an eye on trends.

“As for productivity, this is better generated by intrinsic motivation which comes from social and environmental needs being met – for few does this involve being crammed into rush hour trains and little boxes.

“As for threats of industrial unrest, return to the 70s etc, that’s just impossible to take seriously! We live in 2021, and the world and the way we collaborate and interact with one another has changed beyond recognition since those times.”

There are so many things we love about remote working at Podengo Market Research. Flexibility is obviously a big one, but also not having to commute. Being able to work on our own schedule. Spending more time with our children. It’s motivating. We are working because we want to not because we have to. Remote working can also be empowering. Maya has written a series of constructive and insightful books, into the world of remote working. Speaking from 21 years of experience, she addresses topics such as making the transition from work to home and maintaining healthy boundaries. How have you adjusted to it?

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