For many people, the year 2020 was incredibly hard, particularly financially. Though for Kim Burton this wasn’t quite the case. She used the time to go through her finances, batch cook, cutback and with the help of paid market research from Podengo, was able to save a collective amount of 25k with her partner.

According to The Sun newspaper, the savvy saver used the website Money Saving Expert to research her cheapest options and was able to save money by switching banks, mobile networks, and insurance providers. When asked about the market research Burton said;

“I do it through a company called Podengo, this year it’s all been online because of Covid.
“They send you an email about all the projects they’ve got coming up and you can apply by answering a few questions, then they ring you back and let you know if you’ve been chosen.
“I like giving my opinion on things, so that’s easy money for me and I’ve made £300.”

Connecting ideal participants with research projects is our passion. We are given set criteria from every client for each unique project, It’s vital we adhere to these criteria so as not to invalidate the research.
Unfortunately, there are lots of people out there who see the money incentive and are happy to adapt their details in order to ‘fit the bill’, take part in the research, and receive that nice thank you payment. Because of this, we have had to become more concealing with our projects to ensure that we find the best people that actually match what we are looking for.

We love that Kimberly was able to save so much and will definitely give money saving expert a go this year too. Would you like to take part in one of our research projects? To see which projects we currently have running just click here.

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