In part one of our two-part UK foodie biz special for Podengo, we interviewed Vickie Barlow, founder of online food business Victuals. Today we speak to two more UK foodie biz founders that have set up during the pandemic. From delicious baked treats to bringing the tastes of traditional middle eastern cooking to your home, read on to hear their stories.

Letterbox Brownies

Who doesn’t love receiving the post? Let’s be honest, when confined to our houses, the post was pretty much all we had to look forward to. Enter Scrumptious by Lucy, the Sheffield brownie baker who decided to take it up a gear. Before the pandemic hit, Lucy attended food festivals and events selling her delightful goodies but being forced to stay home meant that she had to adapt.

“Instead of giving up, I decided with the help from my family, that I would go digital, create a website, and market the business online. It has been and still is, quite a journey, and a huge learning curve, with many hurdles. Now, 10 months down the line, I am really pleased I did.’ – Lucy Foley

Like so many small businesses, one of the biggest challenges was making the switch to digital, but with the support from family and friends, Lucy was able to deliver her yummy letterbox brownie right on cue. Now able to return to the markets Lucy loves being face to face with her customers again. Wondering which brownie to order? Why not try the lemon blondie, with homemade lemon curd and lemon drizzle. 


“Home cooking turns your house into a home”

Did anybody else get bored of cooking the same recipes over and over again during Lockdown? Thankfully, co-founder of UK foodie biz, Jida Noa Gal, stepped in to spice things up for us. Founded in 2020 by three childhood Israeli friends, missing their home food and gathering with friends around a home-cooked meal. A desire to make home cooking simple for you amidst a pandemic, gave birth to the delicious idea.

“Ever since we have known each other food has been at the centre of our lives. We have always explored new tastes from different places – but above all, we have had this crazy eagerness to share those tastes with others!” – Noa Gal

Whilst their tasty food business has taken off, it has also come with its challenges. Not being able to see each other or meet with their suppliers, has been hard for the three founders that thrive on connection and bringing people together. 

“We believe that home cooking doesn’t only fill your house with a different energy and love, but it also attracts your family and friends. It brings everyone together. “ Noa Gal

Want to try one of their delicious home cooking kits? Try Jida’s* Middle Eastern kit as recommended by co-founder Noa. 

“We think it captures most of our tastes from our childhoods and reminds us of our homes when we were children.” – Noa Gal.

*Meaning ‘Grandmother’ in Arabic.

Doesn’t it all sound so mouth-wateringly magnificent? Thank you both for creating businesses specifically tailored to our needs. In a time when everyone was struggling, the option to try something new from the comfort of our own homes helped to keep us all going. Can you think of a new business that’s popped up since the pandemic? Share it with us in the comments below.

Podengo are not affiliated in any way with the above businesses. Nor, do we receive any affiliated fees if you decide to book or use the services of the above businesses. We are simply providing a spotlight for fellow small businesses. If you would like us to feature your business in our blog, please contact

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