What a year to start a business, one that for sure will go down in history. Whilst 2020 was a challenging one for a vast majority of our generation; some were able to adapt and create innovative start-up businesses that have thrived. According to UK Tech News, When it comes to the launch of a business, timing is the key to success. In this edition of Podengo’s blog, I speak to start-up businesses from 2020 that have hit the nail on the head, so to speak. Read on to hear their stories.

Founded by Sammy Burt, Backpack works with organizations to help them be authentically themselves and at their best. By defining what ‘at their best’ looks like (AKA their brand), they enable the leadership to embrace their full potential, integrate this within the company and then truly live it, inside and out. Launched in March 2020, Sammy has since worked with both local and international start-up businesses, with the belief of ‘Business as a force for good’. Backpack is now pending its B-Corp certification.

Read Create Play
Launched in October 2020, by ex-drama teacher and now stay at home mum Ginny, Read Create Play is a children’s story and activity subscription box. Stemmed from her background of creative storytelling and teaching drama to 4-18 year-olds; Ginny’s creativity sparked an overwhelming response during the first lockdown, from friends and parents struggling to entertain their children. Now offering a range of subscription options each box includes a hand-selected, picture book, arts and crafts, and suggestions of how to turn your book into a variety of interactive games.

Docs in a row
Virtual assistant Mikaela Carpenter founded Docs In a Row in May 2020. A desire to return to a business and marketing role, combined with her pristine organizational skills and love of helping people, inspired Mikaela to set-up her own business. Working as a virtual assistant has enabled her the freedom and flexibility to work remotely so that lockdown restrictions have had much less of an impact on her ability to work.

Remote hub solutions
Emily Hatton started her business, Remote Hub solutions, during the pandemic. Inspired to empower women entrepreneurs to use technology effectively, by matching them with the perfect tools and systems. Emily has also launched the useful Facebook group Remote hub women, which now has a community of more than 700 members.

Hand made by A + T
Self-employed married couple Adam and Tom, both work in theatre. So when the theatres closed due to the pandemic, they began making masks for family and friends. The high demand for their popular masks, lead them to open an Etsy store where they have now made over 1000 sales. Now also selling handmade candles and homewares.

After nearly 23 years working in the corporate world and then being diagnosed with Asperger’s, Kelly decided it was time to give up the daily grind of working for someone else. Joining forces with his wife Hester, who’s been self-employed for a number of years; together they created Hudia, a PR and web design agency working with businesses to help them grow. They launched their business in February 2020 working with businesses to help them grow. They launched their business in February 2020.

Native Studio Space
Sanaa Shaikh has been working for large architectural practices on a global scale for many years. Noticing a lack of synergy between design and landscape, she decided to set up her own business in November 2020. Designing buildings at every scale, from small homes to large office buildings, Native Studio Space works alongside the users and communities who would live and work around them.

The Conscious Party Box
Having met 11 years ago through their partners, Rachel and Pip have a combined total of five children, which equates to lots of children’s parties and in the past, lots of plastic. So In a bid to reduce waste, in April 2020, they created The Conscious Party Box; a fully compostable, plastic-free kit with 10% of profits donated to Plastic Oceans UK.

With so much changing, it’s great to see so many start-up businesses supporting one another. Community is invaluable to us at Podengo Market Research, so it’s a pleasure to be able to connect with, promote and support so many small and independent businesses.

We are not affiliated in any way with the above businesses. Nor, do we receive any affiliated fees if you decide to book or use the services of the above businesses. We are simply providing a spotlight for fellow small businesses. If you would like us to feature your business in our blog, please contact hayley@gopodengo.com.

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