It’s been a long time coming but our small business community has officially landed. And it’s called Eureka – a community of dreamers and doers. Having connected with a large number of small businesses and start-ups, our founder Gemma wanted to create a space to enable us to deepen those connections and support one another. Six months of juggling homeschooling, remote work and pandemic life, before we decided to add another spinning plate to the madness. And now it’s here, we’re wondering what took us so long?

Your vibe attracts your tribe

We’re all friends and friends of friends. Old and new. Indie biz owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, female founders, you name it. We’re all dealing with the daily struggles, whilst life seems to have vamped it up a gear. And we all need each other now more than ever.  So Eureka is really a chance for us independent businesses to support each other. To educate each other and to champion one another. Life is hard, and whilst the current is so strong, we feel it’s important to reach out and help in whichever way we can.

What’s the fee for joining Eureka?

Here’s the beauty of it; It’s 100% free. Just like all the best things in life are. There are no fees for joining our support group. You are free to post and talk about your business as much as you like. We want you to ask questions too. Maybe you have a tech issue or need advice for a pain point with a client. Likewise, if someone in your field reaches out for help in your area of expertise don’t hold back. Build meaningful connections. Check out other businesses. If your business isn’t up and running yet, and you’re at the idea stage, or if it’s your side hustle. Feel free to share it and ask other businesses in the same industry for any tips or tricks that will help you along your way.

Wanna get involved?

Click here to sign up. Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and include any links to your business that we might find useful. We have Monday check-ins, Wednesday’s are for shout-oust and #businesswins and a business spotlight live every Friday. Tune in on a Friday to learn useful tips and tricks, from video confidence with social media to helping brands and marketing tips. Each week will feature a different business from our small business community. Would like to have your business featured in our spotlight? Send over an email to See you there.

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